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Celebrities save smart and barefoot is good too


In 2012, Celebitchy did an article on Julia Roberts that they referenced from the Enquirer. I love the article, as I step out with a blog on living styled by shopping being MoneySmart using deals, discounts, consignment stores and Goodwill – o yes! I thrift. I love the article from Celebitchy, even the celebrities know how saving money by going to the thrift store is smart.

Don’t you just love her? I watched Pretty Girl… her quirky smile got me.  Anyways, I had this article ready to post today on saving money at Goodwill, in sync with the article I found on her from 2012 on Celebitchy.  So imagine my surprise, wink-wink, could not have happened at a better time. When I read  today that Julia Roberts walked down the red carpet at the Cannes festival barefoot. She did this to raise awareness about  same issue from last year, when some women were not allowed in to the Cannes festival.  Read more here from Lexpress Styles

If Julia could wear a shoe which would it be?  here, here, here or this.


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Checkout the article from Celebitchy here and link to celebitchy from here


In 2012 Celebitchy did an article on Julia Roberts that the referenced from the Enquirer. I love the article,  as I step out with a blog on living by shopping discounts, Consignment stores and Goodwill it has given me a boost. Even the celebrity understand how to save money by going to the thrift store, thanks Julia Robert.

A 2012, Celebitchy article referenced Julia Roberts shopping for her kids at a mexico thrift store. I just loved the first paragraph so much I had to put it here!

It sometimes feels like The Enquirer has a Julia Roberts story every other week. I don’t know if someone vaguely related to Julia just loves to talk sh-t about her (maybe) or if the Enquirer is hopelessly out of touch with what’s going on with the younger celebrities (definitely). In any case, here’s this week’s Julia story: Julia loves to shop at thrift stores, consignment shops and the Goodwill. I actually enjoyed this story because I think theEnquirer is encouraging us to judge Julia as “cheap” and “tacky” but I think being thrifty is a refreshing trait in a celebrity:  http://www.celebitchy.com/227904/julia_roberts_loves_to_shop_for_her_kids_clothes_at_new_mexico_thrift_stores/


My Goodwill in Maryland

saves me money, yes o! Look for the tag that looks like below (DEFSALV), PURCHASE new items at up-to 75% off!!!!!

See how much I saved on my new rug below at goodwill, I love the ongoing partnership with Target stores that they have it really helps stretch my money.



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