Fashion and Beauty, Teens and Moms / May 20, 2016

#Modesty – For Girls and Women

As women and girls, we need to dress in such a way that we don’t use the power we have from God to ruin our own lives. When we dress provocatively, nipples showing and butt all out then you are using the power you have over the opposite sex and the result may not always be good. I can’t tell you what to wear, but I will say most women learn to dress modestly, it is not something they are born with. Celebrities dress to impress and we are not talking about them here.

As a conservative christian girl, I’m modest in dressing I think… sometimes, ha-ha! I have been known to wear a less than knee-high dress without a tight (shocker). I have always believed that the way we dress holds power, so much so that when my separation started I toned down on my dressing. I did this because to me it kept all the eyes from me.

As a single parent, I no longer had a hubby stamp that automatically protects and sometimes makes you immune from Gluttonous men who consume you by sight. BAM! I created a stamp, my shield was long skirts, high neck blouses and flowing blouses and skirts.

In college,  I was one of the girls that dressed, short skirts and jeans, low necklines without actually knowing the power I had over anyone. I was a child that lived in the 90’s and that’s how we dressed.

It is a shame, when women use the power they have over men. But the real shame is that sometimes women dress to attract the Gluttonous men without boundaries to them. It is a shame when a man does not know that they are manipulated by the power of dressing that the woman wields over them.

Fast forward… When I dress now there is a place for dressing that is fashionable and modest at the same time, for work and play and that is where I am now. Where I can dress knowing that I am powerful and confident without needing all the Gluttonous attention from the opposite sex.

Sometimes, the way we dress is a result of the locations we live and the environment we grew up in, so if you grew up conservative you will dress as such… until you discover you can bare it all and vice versa – I hope!!!!. As you find your place, I commend you. If you dress to pull the Gluttonous to you, you are… “You are powerful” and brave, (yay, brave you) and to those of us that are trendy, fashionable with a dash of modesty in our dressing… we are brave too.

I’m passionate about teen girls and modesty, check out this book on dressing modestly for girls.

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