Budget, Grocery Shopping, Money Smarts, Teens and Moms / May 27, 2016

Pantry Must Have


If you are watching what you spend your money on and are on a budget, you need these items in your pantry. It saves you from going to the store and that’s means more money in the bank account for you.

1. Bread
2. Butter
3. Chocolate drink try Milo, Nesquick
4. Powdered milk

All these items are in my pantry. It is the reason you won’t have to go to the store on Wednesday night once your pantry is raided by teenage boys and they all scream hunger.

May 27, 2016 10457 PM EDT

It is a tried and tested method by me.

I approve this message.

If all the food is eaten in three days instead of five days, that means I have to take this lazy and overworked body to the store. And we have way too many extracurricular activities as a family, I will not be including weekday grocery shopping to it.

Then they overload me with accolades, they tell me I’m the best cook, mom etc.

I laugh… because flattery will not drive me to the grocery store to buy more food during a school week.

I smile after all their persuasion yields no effort, by putting my royal queen foot down (omg) and saying ” there is bread and butter in the fridge” and sashaying away from my boys smiling. Am singing, yes am bad!

Change Watch: If you go to the store this weekend

1. Buy an extra loaf of bread.

2. Stock your pantry with butter, powdered milk and chocolate drink.

Need grocery coupons for your shopping trip? Click here. I advice you not to stockpile, print only what you need to eat for a month, don’t get into addictive couponing.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.





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