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Easy Ways to Save Money on Beauty and Clothing


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that’s not you, it’s the person looking at you.  A skin that does not glow or clothes that are too faded or tight are not my recommendation, dress for your side hustle or your future job always. You can cut your budget by half, but do not cut to $Zero; there are ways to save and stretch your dollars without neglecting your beauty.

I hope the ideas below will be of help to you or a mom you know looking to stretch their budget.

  1. SAMPLES: If you are running low on cash or juggling your budget, samples or trial sized products will hold you over till you have saved up enough to buy your regular sized product. Stop by Macy’s, Nordstrom or Sephora and pick-up perfume samples or trial sized beauty products.
Perfume samples from Sephora

2. CONSIGN OR THRIFT: I love the thrift stores; salvation army, goodwill and the consignment stores. I have shopped at both SA and GW and I find all I need for my home and dressing up and my vintage retro collection there. The items at Goodwill range from new with tags, to new without tags all at up to 75% less than the departmental store price. Thers is the partnership target has with Goodwill, the Items may have a scratch, rip or dent though. Drop off erros; items are just plain mistakes; mistakes you ask, yes. My story, I once dropped off my 1 year old’s new stroller by mistake when I went to drop off donations. So, imagine with me; what if someone who wears only Gucci, Fendi, LV etc, mistakenly dropped off their dry cleaning bag at Goodwill, and took the donation bag to the cleaner, ha-ha… It’s a guess here, but I bet it has happened …

3.  SAVE UP FOR ANNUAL SALES: Fund savings account and call it beauty, then shop annual sales. Nordstrom has its annual sales, a great time to stock up without going into your regular monthly budget if you saved up already. Also, shop departmental stores like Lord and Taylor, Macy’s using a discount code, friends and family coupon for huge discounts, sign up online for their insider email discount.



Clarks with savings up to 60% off their shoes and accessories.
Clarks with savings up to 60% off their shoes and accessories.


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