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Cut down on Clothes Buying Time, When Shopping with Kids





As mothers in singlemomdom, we do not live close enough to other moms like us who need help and can help us too. We may also live too far for our families and friends to help, It is sad. Most times we have no one or place to take our kids to when running errands and are too young to leave home alone. I take mine to the stores with me all the time;  grocery shopping, the mall and even the pharmacy (my new non-negotiable pharmacy tip – I have embraced the drive-thru pharmacy).

So how do you handle shopping with your kids for an event you have been invited to and you really want to attend. Anyone have a packed weekly activities schedule when school is in session, how can you afford parties every weekend as a Nigerian single mom (please, share). Me I can only afford to attend one event every six months, and when I attend I want to do this from a place of ease, financially and emotionally… no stress.

So much goes into this one event or party; you have to plan for childcare, driving to the event and even getting all fancied up. How about shopping for your job? I work and love my professional 9 – 5 job and the clothes I wear to work too, go figure. Meaning, that I go to the store a bit and find this ‘secret method” works for choosing work outfits. I buy my outfits in a wearable set, and I have learnt to shop particular stores for the quality of their clothing or find those same brands at my local Goodwill Store or consignment store.

30 minutes or less. One outfit, you are in and out.  Plan 5 to 10 minutes to get the kiddy’s out of the car, leaving you with 20 or 25 minutes to shop.

Step A – Have a plan – What will you do at the shop; buy or browse? Will you buy one new outfit or two, update/re-style one complete outfit, a dress or a skirt/pant suit.

As a single mommy, please shop out of your closet before going to the store to buy a new item.  What do you already have to complete or complement this event or office look.  What will you need to attend  the event #1 – dress #2 – a Shoe #3 – a purse #4 – a jacket or a scarf #5 – earring.

If you have any of these pieces at home, it will help you save money and time.

Step B – The Prep – Look in your closet to find pieces you already own and you may find items #2, #4, cha ching!!!@@@ and only need to buy #5, #3, #1 at the store. Some stores will allow you to bring in your accessories to see how it matches your choice of outfit… don’t forget to let customer service know you brought some items in for color matching.

Step C – Familiarize – Look in your wardrobe, before heading to the store. Know what works for your body type and colors that compliment you. Finding your color or pattern, do you have more of a particular color or a design in more than three style, why three… just a random number but it helps you narrow down what works for you.

Also what colors have you noticed compliments you? The plan with familiarizing is to learn what your personal style, color, prints and patterns are before going to the store. Once you know this you will not have to look through all the clothes racks in the stores you shop at.

Step D – In Store Strategy – At the store walking back and forth with an eye-out for your style, color, prints and patterns as you push your stroller or hold your child’s hand. Position yourself about a foot away from the clothing rack… lets backtrack for a second, remember one foot to move around in may not be available based on the store size or layout.

Here is my secret ~ I do not stay long in any store, this has worked well for me over the years. Find the clothes rack or shelving, don’t dig into the folded clothes trashing what they laid out. Just lean back and scan the clothes aisle while you look through the clothing rack or shelves for your unique color and pattern.

I’m excited !!! Did you find something you loved? Come back and leave a comment.

Pull them out; one, two or three items is the max to take out of that rack mommy. Head to the fitting room with the kids and try the clothes on. This will help you decide if what you choose is really what you want for the event you are attending. Don’t forget to let the fitting room manager know you have your accessories before going in.

Reality check is you may take longer than 30 minutes the first time, and you may not like any of the ones you picked the first time. One more try, do this again with one or two more clothing racks to find your event outfit. As you learn to use this method in every method of shopping you will continue to cut down on time.

Step E – Choose the pieces and pay at the register – As always pay only out of your budgeted disposable income and try using cash or debit cards for payment, never checks that need three days to clear if you decide to change your mind the next day.


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