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The Leadership Movement of Simon Sinek

Leaders are Responsible for their People

This article was scheduled to post on 10/22/2016, but due to something amazing brewing for me, it is being shared today, 10/19/2016.

Live your dream daily and inpire as Simon Sinek.

I recently discovered Simon Sinek, and I agree with his views on leadership, I have always thought they were weird the ideas in my head. Simon is creating a movement so both employees and employers will love the work they do and those who they do it with.

Being a leader is a thankless job. If you are in it, irrespective of your current rot, I have a feeling that you are not in it for the money or fame but for the service and love of people.

Why do some bosses hover over you and are sometimes almost anal, while others give you space and believe in what you bring to the table and that you can get better the more you fail. When did hovering ever get the job done? My weird belief is that anyone with a first degree or the experience equal; is smart enough and don’t need to be yakked upon to do their work by a boss. I believe that communication and respect will bring the best work out of them.

I’m fascinated with understanding the how and why of my behaviors and that of others.  Understanding how this affects us in our organizations, in our homes and daily interactions. As an Introverted; sensing, feeling and judging person I’m always thinking, no… I assume I can tell what people think (my super power or just paranoia).

I wondered how and why those changes impact me and all of us.  How do organizations work? How do their employees behave? Are they doing the right work? Are they utilizing all that the employee has to offer? If not can the employee’s position be changed to the one that fits their talent, that way we can get the best out of them?.

A lot of leaders get it wrong, they fail to realize that once a vision starts taking shape it gets diluted the more people you have, and you may end up alienating some people unintentionally and in a way that’s good because it shows growth. But once that happens, things change pretty fast and some of the people in the current community may feel left out.

A leader  needs to be constantly learning how to be a great leader by tuning in to their people’s need. Always remember these three things below as you build your business and work with clients, because no one can survive without them.

  1. Trust
  2. Communication
  3. Care

Simon believes in starting with “Why”; that “Together is Better” and that “Great Leaders Eat Last”, funny thing is these are all titles of books he’s written. He believes Leaders are responsible for their people, and not the job their people do. He understands that there are so many external issues that keep a good worker down and that adding to it in the form of a boss who does not care about you as a person or your life outside work is a recipe for failure.  That leaders are not responsible for results, you know the product… the people who work, under them are responsible for that. A leader’s job is responsibility for those that they directly supervise.

Conclusively; all people want a connection, to be part of a community, an environment where they can share their own value be it at home, work, school.  An environment of trust, clear communication and care. As an employee, they want to produce their best work for you (always remember that) and with you and they want to be excited about your vision as much as you are too. As a leader foster a common beliefs and values in your organization. A company with a mission and vision without all the above – will have employees that are just that “employees”, if they do not change the environment.  Like its counterpart “love”; “work”, thrives on endorphins and once the initial high wears off; leaders need to re-encourage and nurture that belief in their people again, that’s what “Leadership” is about.


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Quotes – from some of Simon’s YouTube interviews

Efficiency and innovation do not go hand in hand.

Give me something to believe in.

The morale of all employees is caught from the top; leaders listen and anticipate their Peoples need, before it is needed.

Leaders are responsible for their people and not the results (i.e. numbers) they get from their people.

 ~ Simon Sinek




Simon O. Sinek, an author, speaker, and consultant who writes on leadership and management. He joined the RAND Corporation in 2010 as an adjunct staff member, where he advises on matters of military innovation and planning. He is known for popularizing the concepts of “the golden circle” and to “Start with Why”, described by TED as “a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?”‘.[4] Sinek’s first TEDx Talk on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” is the 3rd most viewed video on TED.com.

~


 – https://www.startwithwhy.com



Encouragement from an optimistic single mom.

Life changed for me in 2008, and since then it has been an adventure.
I have learnt to love the road I am on, and smell the roses while driving on it too.

I believe that standards of living can change without a moment’s notice, affecting our old way of life.

That Passion can die, and be reignited again.

I found my passion and It’s writing and the story behind it.

I’m super passionate about hospitality, leadership and finance.

I am a single mom of boys who wants to change the world through a smile and genuine service.

I own up to the fact that I make an awesome follower.

I encourage and I inspire. I write, I blog, sometimes – I lead well, and sometimes I follow badly. But the important thing is to get started.

I recently met Simon Sinek, the Start with Why Guy and and so continue to inspire the world.

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