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Romaine Calm – By Jeff Haden


You probably realize you shouldn’t stare at your cellphone, eyes glazed over, during a business dinner, but there’s more to it than that, of course. Practicing proper table etiquette and behaving with decorum can help you seal a deal with a potential client or even earn you a favorable impression during a meal with your boss. Sharon Schweitzer, a cross-cultural consultant, international protocol expert and the founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide, has great tips for business lunches and dinners, beyond the obvious faux pas of talking with your mouth full and slurping your soup. If you made the invitation, you’re responsible

If you extended the invitation, you’re considered the host, and that means you’re paying the bill. That includes casual invitations, like, “Hey, let’s get together for dinner.”

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I have a love of reading the news the old-fashioned way, I still get my newspaper delivered every Saturday and Sunday. So when I was flipping through my paper and saw this story, my head went back in a laugh. I wish I had read it the day before I met Simon Sinek and he said, let’s grab a drink after his book signing.

I made the cut, so I’m responsible.

I was like Yep! There is something about creating time for others, even when you don’t need to and that’s what he did. This is one of the thing he talks about, in his interviews he always appreciates a great conversation. He talks about people checking their phones and not paying attention and talks about the art of listening well.

Here is the link to a great article I saw in the Baltimore Sun, by Jeff Haden.

So what does the article talk about? It breaks down the things you need to know when you accept that invitation to dinner and what to know before sitting down.

Hope you find it helpful.

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Life changed for me in 2008, and since then it has been an adventure.
I have learnt to love the road I am on, and smell the roses while driving on it too.

I believe that standards of living can change without a moment’s notice, affecting our old way of life.

That Passion can die, and be reignited again.

I found my passion and It’s writing and the story behind it.

I’m super passionate about hospitality, leadership and finance.

I am a single mom of boys who wants to change the world through a smile and genuine service.

I own up to the fact that I make an awesome follower.

I encourage and I inspire. I write, I blog, sometimes – I lead well, and sometimes I follow badly. But the important thing is to get started.

I recently met Simon Sinek, the Start with Why Guy and and so continue to inspire the world.

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