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The Love Story and Romance of the 2016 Election Loss – Our Hurt and Healing


You will realize that the world is okay.

That it is safe to believe again.

That it is safe to be authentic.

That the hurt heals.

And life can, if you choose start again.



How I relate as a Start with Why Follower

Of course this article started differently, as a ‘moment of impact and loving again post”. It definitely did not start out as a healing story for the election year 2016. It did start out as a believing again article.

This article started the second day after I met the well know speaker and author Simon Sinek. An all-round amazing guy, no pretense even in the few minutes I spent in his company.  And he makes sense, a lot.  He can do no wrong by me. He practices what he preaches, he engages people off the stage and on stage. Listens to you attentively, yes, he looked out for us as we crossed the street. He shouted out to a random stranger how beautiful or something they were and I saw their eyes pop up. He relates to his staff so humbly and genuinely, that they know what they need to do and not do without him saying much.

I now realize that I had been hurt and hadn’t even known it, that I had not had anything to believe in and that’s what Simon did for me on October 27th 2016. He gave me a reason to believe in people again!  He got me moving.

He reminded me of Hillary.  After the election loss, and believing again and that’s how the story changed. Some of Simon’s ideas from Simon’s being a follower in the movement will intersect in this article, and that is because at the end of the day, Hillary started a followership with this year’s election and this is what Simon’s movement is too.

A sneak preview – before the story line changed

That Saturday; well for me, it started like this…

Friday – “Got on the Greyhound to leave New York at 1:30 am and headed back to Maryland. I got home around 4:30. Woke the kids up to get ready for school and by 7:30 I had dropped the last son off at school and made it to work that Friday for my job and had two cups of coffee”


Saturday – “After a good long sleep on Friday night, gosh… and lord did my body ache? Sitting down reflecting about what had happened on that Thursday. I was thinking and staring at my personalized book and wall poster from Simon, and like Oprah’s ha-ha moment it hit me right in the head like a 2 by 6 piece of plywood.”


Ha-ha moment – believing again

My ha-ha was realizing it was all about me, for me a super Fan, who had  followed him and his movement and had a connection to his values and beliefs because they looked  mine.  But not knowing he was slowly reigniting my belief in people, the good that can come out of them.

It’s … when you don’t even know something will hurt until it happens, you don’t know something is broken until it is.

For me, personally it was about … believing again.  It’s in finding something to love or believe in again, it’s in passion lost and regained, and something to believe in when you didn’t even know you had fallen out of love or stopped believing.


Triumph, loss and redemption

We ran an election of emotions in 2016; it was about our values, our beliefs and hope.

Why would an election loss hurt so much, I slowly walked with a defeated gait; I was mourning, I’m still mourning.

The aftermath of this election, the hurt and heart ache, the brokenness that comes with it that you never knew you had? The one you feel when you are hurt or when someone dies or a break-up that’s what it feels like, yes when they are that close to you, you feel it. Yes, we got too close, and I love that I did, no regret here.

It’s official; it’s a break-up.


All People – What we fought for, that all people are created equal

The values, the belief that all men were created equal, to live peaceably with all men.

It hurts more when you went all in for values and beliefs and you come out in love; and that’s what the election was. The outreach was great the connection between the people was focused, Hillary a representative of the Democratic Party, gave me a reason to believe in people again! And the great thing is she wanted us to cause the change together, to come on board to do this together. She like Simon created a movement.

The cause spoke more to some of us than others, the ones who could relate financially and also as a person with issues that needed to be addressed, the disenfranchised. We were the organizers of the local meetings and events, the people who made calls, the ones who voted early, the inner circle, the local coordinators and that was because she wanted us cause a change together with her.

The Democratic Party stood up for all people, our party ran on love and acceptance of all people irrespective of our education, religion, gender or race.  It was not about Hillary, but, about the people.

The Republican party won by not standing against Trump concerning the use of his words, I applaud all the ones in the party that did; but the majority of them, they did not stand for people when he spoke to us shaming us all based on gender, race, religion, education and immigration status.

The protest have started and they are personal for most; to the way he spoke to each and every one of us, and it’s not only about the electorate, but really the way he has treated certain and spoken down on Americans.


You can take a break, hit Reset.

When life gets too crazy you can hit reset and take time for you, Simon said.

So as we roll into week 2, after the election of 2016. I hope you are healing, I’m healing slowly too.

Did you do some of these things to heal the hurt this past week? I did.

  • I ate comfort food and eat remembering every bite of it
  • Screamed; I did three times
  • Work through the emotions
  • Post, comment, tweet
  • Watched a movie that you’ve watched a thousand time before
  • Listened to a heartbreak song

Check out some songs I listened to here;

You’ll be Back – Hamilton

Something to believe in – Jason Gray

  • and I Cried

Work through the emotions, don’t bottle it up… everyone seems to pass it off easily.  If friends won’t listen post to social media and find camaraderie in people you don’t know or call a life coach or counselor.


Read this part, when you are ready to start again, – many days after, or many, many months after.

You were part of something amazing and you just didn’t know it.

I love a good romantic story, so most of the things I relate to also have a lot to do with sentimental what not’s.

There is the love of God, of country, American literature and history and world history and architecture, creative arts and stuff like world creation, apologetics and God as the great romantic. Meaning give me a good movie, song or play with any of this and I’m hooked.

Hence, started my acknowledgement of moments of Impact; I now realize it starts gradually, once it happens you get it, that when everything else that happened before then will all of a sudden make sense the dots connects.

Some of us will relate to Mr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson that awesome scientists whose work and relationship with the Cosmos changed our lives two years ago; but whose life was changed by his mentor, now that’s was a moment of impact.

Meeting Simon Sinek was a moment of Impact for me.

Love romance? Then you will relate to a good tear jerker like the Nicholas Sparks Movie with Channing Tatum called -The Vow. Remember, when he was narrating at the beginning of the movie, in watching it, you understand in detail what a moment of impact means.

How about this, are you a tabloid Junkie? Remember when that tabloid gossip paper broke the story on the Duggar family… what good credible celebrity news ever came out of them before that.  But, yep it was a moment of impact.

Understand the moment of Impact ~So for this election, it is the fact that many days after or many, many  months after; depending on how you process healing, when you are hit with the fact that things are changing,  that things can get better, it doesn’t hurt as much or just plain that we can laugh again.

  1. You will realize that the world is okay.
  2. That it is safe to believe again.
  3. That it is safe to be authentic.
  4. That the hurt heals.
  5. And life can, if you choose start again.

And that’s it; the ha-ha, moment, the moment of impact.

From my heart, xoxoxo



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I have learnt to love the road I am on, and smell the roses while driving on it too.

I believe that standards of living can change without a moment’s notice, affecting our old way of life.

That Passion can die, and be reignited again.

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