The journey to be organized is in seasons

We are all doing an amazing job raising our children to become the vision of what they are destined to be, we can become so organized that we want the house spotless and as a result we become overwhelmed with everyday clean up activity.


In the season of raising younger children, I pray you don’t become so overwhelmed with organization and housekeeping that  you forget to create time for life;  self-care of you, with friends, with your husband, your children and  your personal health.


We need to remember that our home cannot be the same haven that you had before you started your family.


I’m so like… I want my house spotless (neat freak, control freak… me…you name it) and clutter free, but what season are you in? As a single person and a senior adult, time is your friend compared to when you have younger children.


A good place to start will be to understand the seasons you are in, also maybe, consider your commitments and activities and do that which bears fruit into the future.


Are your children still in elementary or middle school? Keeping your home organized may prove challenging; there are so many extracurricular activities and not enough time during the day to complete them all.


Breathe, stay calm and remember this stage of life is not impossibility; it just means that you need a “plan” daily and intentionally.


What’s the plan, you ask?

  1. To help make your journey in this season of bringing up younger children an enjoyable one, not one of overwhelm.
  2. What one thing can you change, I know you may not feel like doing it but take just one step at a time, one day every week.

Change Watch – Do This – An area of overwhelm and anxiety is the breaking of furniture and potential injury to younger children as a result of furniture around the home.

  • Audit your home; make your home safe for these little ones that were once a dream and a vision of yours, appliances and furniture should be bought with children in mind.
  • Considering putting such in storage, charity or donate to a family in need.


Sincerely in Joy,


Gloria Adeyeye


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