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Why Proverbs 31 is Relevant To Our Goals and Visions

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A goal defined by merriam-webster.com is something that you are trying to do or achieve.

A vision defined by dictionary.com is the ability or an instance of great perception, especially of future development.

The Proverbs 31 Woman a biblical woman from the book of Proverbs in the Bible, who has been symbolic to the definition of a good woman; married or single as such she is relevant to learning about goals and visions.

She purchases wool, considers fields, makes belts and sell to merchants, strategic and purposeful, she had some goal setting going on that’s similar to our world today.

She had goals for her married life and her family life and had a genuine concern for her family and servants to bring good to them.

Her goals were in three categories;


Daily goals –

Wakes up early to feed her family and maids; strengthens her arm (exercise); not idle; speaks wisdom and helps the poor and needy.

This P-31 woman is diligent in payment of her bills, she makes sure the pantry is fully stocked with food, she is ready for winter, and that transportation is ready to go at a moments notice.

She has time to exercise, she understands her family future depends on her health.

She is not idle enough to be in other peoples business.

She purposely helps the poor and encourages those around her.


Seasonal goals –

Like a merchant ship she considers a field and buys it and plans her family and maids day.

In our technological age, the internet is the MERCHANT the super highway of selling and buying.

Consider the internet as the merchant ship and seek out ways to invest in your families to generate residual income with the internet.


Future goals –

Brings good and not evil; and prepares for the coming season.

Always at work for her family daily, seeking opportunities for good versus bad, knowing she can build her families future or destroy it.


At the end of the day she reminds us that, in the midst of all our pursuit and labor you must find time for you by making up your mind to intentionally be present.  I don’t see that stressed her but I see it in the story of Martha and Mary… that’s another relevant story to our goals and vision for the future.


1. Don’t be so focused on one thing that you forget to live life all around you.

2. Take pleasure in your life; either as married or single, raising your kids, joining causes, people, places and things.

3. Love the work you do and where you are at; parenting, relationships, work, career and causes.


Prepare to launch yourself into your future with goals and vision that are daily, seasonal and future at this middle junction of June 2017.


Change Watch: DO THIS – Grab a pen and paper and write your daily, seasonal and future goals.


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