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Girl Power: Helping the Girl-Child build Her Muscles for Self Expression

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Girl Power


Let’s talk Girl power, though used loosely in the 21st century, the term ushered in the celebration of women’s empowerment and independence,  and was first recorded used in 1967 by the Riot Grrrl an underground feminist punk movement in the 1990’s, the Grrrl having its origins in Washington state, and Washington, DC, some have called it a musical genre they addressed issues such as rape, abuse, sexuality, patriarchy and empowerment.


But “Girl Power” found a permanent home in the 1996 musical girl group called the Spice Girls and their audience, there it blossomed and the movement continues to grow in 2017 by strengthening girls to use their voice to express their value.  And most importantly, what I love is that Girl Power found a niche in educating girls in science and math helping them take part in the changing future of the girl-child.


I met a 10-year-old girl called Rain today, well I met her on February 17th, 2017, I felt like I was talking to a younger me, she brought memories and an opportunity to help her that her voice matters no matter how much she loves her sister.


Let’s build our girls up so they too can choose or have the strength (muscles (Isan)), to learn to say NO but say yes to things that build character not only strength.


So that choosing comes naturally to them as they grow up, that way they don’t grow up to become a people pleaser that doesn’t know that’s what they are.


It starts early you see; it’s in the selflessness that’s expected in our children, the girl; a girl, the girl, the 1st girl, the last born girl, the middle girl, the only girl amidst boys and so on.


You see it in the food she gives up at the table, and most evident in the way she makes her choices. Not trying to hurt people’s feelings, not wanting anyone to get angry if for a minute she thinks about herself.


For me, it’s in the phrase “agba n gba ni” a Yoruba term I heard a lot of growing up, It calls on you to say and do things without thinking about yourself but the other person instead.


So back to Rain, the girl I met.


I met Rain and her sisters last week she looked about 10 years old, she was having a hard time choosing her lunch at a buffet place at Lexington market, her issues it turns out why she could not choose was because she wanted a different meal than everyone’s but her sisters wanted her to choose what they wanted.


I watched her struggle to decide with her sisters lurking behind her and as I waited I thought of what I could do to help her out.


Thanks to her guardian. I was told I could speak to her and it turned out she wanted what she wanted, Lo Mein not Fried Rice, like the rest of her sisters but if she chooses it her sisters would get mad at her she said explained to me shyly. Can you relate?


We had a short conversation about how she can’t always worry too much about what others think all the time, that she can have fun once in a day, I gave her permission😉


Let’s encourage and remind our girls, that making everyday decisions and choices for things that are easy or small decision making opportunities as what food or drink they will have is important.


When I was this age, this was all me, but in a new generation and I could relate because she reminded me of me at the same age.

I can’t remember much about my challenges when I was younger, but I’m sure that something as easy to decide like e.g. chose which drink you want, I would say something like “you decide for me mommy”.


I’m just saying we need to help girls early, the more decisions they make at a young age the better they will be when older.


It will help us girls make smarter decisions in the future; in our career, choice of spouse, where to live, car to buy, to have kids or not, to finance school or not, and so on.


Can you help remind a girl when you see them reacting this way that their opinion matters when decisions are made, can you go a step further and be the one that helps build that muscle in them and tell her that her choice and voice matters, because it will impact her destiny her future.


Sincerely in Joy,

Gloria Adeyeye


Change Watch: Do this – Take a girl out  (daughter, niece, cousin, etc) and if she defers to you or others about her choice, explain to her that she needs to decide for herself.

Help her build up that muscle!



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