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My Case Study on Simon Sinek, the Start with Why Guy – Led to a Chat with Him

I had the opportunity to meet the great mind in person on Thursday, October 27, 2016, at his book reading at the Barnes and Noble in New York.

And I have my signed book and wall art to go with it.

I am officially a Super FAN; well I was one before I met him, as a management, business and leadership junkie I was super excited to have met him.



How do you learn from someone like Simon without being opportune enough to hang out in his immediate circle?


My suggestion is to get as much of the available information floating around out there.


I watched and read most things I could find on him; watched his videos, read articles, absorbed his theories, the people, authors and books, that he mentioned and reviewed them to learn more about him.


I decided to try out his theories, how do you become a follower?  How do you create a movement? I implemented small changes and in some thing’s I just plain did exactly what he did, no use reinventing the wheel!.


Simon’s Start with Why, what I learnt about Leadership and Follower-ship


  1. Early adopter – I started dedicating my time to learning his work via all mentioned above. Looked out for his Facebook posts to learn more about him. I focused on him only, not him and all the other people I admired too. I did this to test out his early adopter’s theory. Be a part of the first followers, even though I came in pretty late in the game as an adopter it has been proven to work.


  1. Developed better letter writing and communication skills – In letter writing, I address my letters and text messages better using his suggestions by going straight to the point.


  1. Bring value – My first paid gig, I asked for the same amount that Simon asked for when he had just started out and a few dollars more. Why will I ask for more when they don’t know me and I don’t have any credential for them to base my work on.


  1. Being consistent – Ask him the same question every time his post came up on Facebook, till he was like who is that person? That never happened, because I won a backstage pass, so the method worked but faster than I imagined.


I’m blown away by his authenticity; this guy sells out his events, he engages with all the big timers, heads of fortune 500 companies, non-profit and government of our time… yet still intentionally carries the small-timers along (like me) Simon still chooses to reach out and make other leaders.


The Questions I asked Simon Sinek at the Book Signing Event


#1 Question – Was it intentional? There seems to be a pattern with the books since Start with Why? Seems the Leaders Eat Last book, came out of the Why book and Together is Better book came out of Leaders Eat Last book.

Answer – In his words it was intentional.

Why you ask? (No pun intended) my take, anyways is.  I think it is because once you find your why as a leader; you must have great leadership skills and foster togetherness to keep your employees.


#2 Questions When Leadership takes a tool on the leader, who inspires the leader?

Answer – If you inspire those around you, then those around you will in-turn inspire you.


#3 Questions You always say take help when given. What if nobody gives or offers help to you and when you finally reach out they have excuses.  For me as a single parent, I feel like I’m always looking out for people and but no one is looking out for me, it is hard to continue to give if this happens.

Answer – If they don’t offer help or and give excuses, then maybe you were never their friend.


#4 QuestionsHow can I be the leader I wish I had without getting on someone’s nerve, since what I may want as a leader may in turn be irritating to them?

Answer You need to learn to have empathy and be discerning of what others want.


What this study has taught me:

For passion and hustling you need to start with why, not what or how, once you do, you will also have connected with your people or tribe as it is loosely used.

This Movement; what inspired me the most is that Simon said I could take ownership of his “Why” share it with others he said.

Meaning you and I or we and us could share this “WHY” with others if we believe in it.

He places no proprietary rights to it at all, all Simon wants is to see a world where people can wake up inspired to go to work.

Imagine my joy at this, he is encouraging me on, that my dream matters too within his bigger dream.

That my dream; lives within his dream, and for me, a person who doesn’t like the spot-light and always wants not to be noticed, or pushy I really didn’t know I needed this.

An introvert through and through with an idea but who isn’t forceful, it was a great PUSH; he gave me permission to speak, to be a part of a group, to believe together with others in something bigger than me.

Gloria – xoxoxo


Change Watch – Do This – Is there a public person you love and admire and adds value to you, share your story.



Encouragement from an optimistic single mom.

Life changed for me in 2008, and since then it has been an adventure.
I have learnt to love the road I am on, and smell the roses while driving on it too.

I believe that standards of living can change without a moment’s notice, affecting our old way of life.

That Passion can die, and be reignited again.

I found my passion and It’s writing and the story behind it.

I’m super passionate about hospitality, leadership and finance.

I am a single mom of boys who wants to change the world through a smile and genuine service.

I own up to the fact that I make an awesome follower.

I encourage and I inspire. I write, I blog, sometimes – I lead well, and sometimes I follow badly. But the important thing is to get started.

I recently met Simon Sinek, the Start with Why Guy and and so continue to inspire the world.

Email me for a free 20 minute chat or to help you on your way to your Why.

from my heart, xoxoxo


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