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Happy 2018, Y’all!!!


This quote gives me “Life”.

Of all the words that touched me this year I think the one I connected to the most was this quote above from Facebook by Ziad K. Abdelnour.

Anyways, I dug in to find out who he was and realized he’s a pretty smart guy with a very interesting foul Securities and Exchange violation and an equally inspiring story of working to help the people of Lebanon.

So yes, I agree with Zaid K. Abdelnour’s quote; but wondered if there was a way to prevent this from happening, a way to stop us from getting to the point were you have to make a decision to walk away or try harder.

I found the answer in a comment on the same thread, a random stranger on Facebook but his words, his comment, gave more meaning and insight to how we should make decisions that are BIG.

Here’s what he said in response to the quote above:


Walk away should never be an option, before going for anything BIG just ask yourself if it is really something you want! And if you want it then just get it, this way or the other! Burn all boats so there is no walking away. – S.C.


Hope this quote sheds a little more light to your story as it did mine.


Happy 2018!


Sincerely  in Joy,

Gloria a.


Encouragement from an optimistic single mom.

Life changed for me in 2008, and since then it has been an adventure.
I have learnt to love the road I am on, and smell the roses while driving on it too.

I believe that standards of living can change without a moment’s notice, affecting our old way of life.

That Passion can die, and be reignited again.

I found my passion and It’s writing and the story behind it.

I’m super passionate about hospitality, leadership and finance.

I am a single mom of boys who wants to change the world through a smile and genuine service.

I own up to the fact that I make an awesome follower.

I encourage and I inspire. I write, I blog, sometimes – I lead well, and sometimes I follow badly. But the important thing is to get started.

I recently met Simon Sinek, the Start with Why Guy and and so continue to inspire the world.

Email me for a free 20 minute chat or to help you on your way to your Why.

from my heart, xoxoxo


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