Budget, Dreams, Job, Vision / May 26, 2017

Why having a Job fulfills the most important basic need of Dreaming and having a Vision

Having a job means we don’t have to think of the money we need to pay our bills or what to eat or that our car will get repossessed; it takes away stress and anxiety and helps us afford a lifestyle because we can pay our bills.Ever lost a job, or can you relate as a recent college graduate struggling to find a job, you realize that having a job is what holds dreams and visions together.This inspiration to dream again can be found in our jobs, because it inspires us to look outside our own comfort…

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Budget, Money Smarts / October 22, 2016

Find Money in Your Grocery Budget up to 20%

This article came out of a changed lifestyle of WATCHING each dollar when life changed.Not all financial problems are a result of bad decisions. Some are due to life’s unplanned changes; like death, divorce, separation, moving, job loss or a retirement. But most is as a result of – having more expenses versus income coming in monthly –  and or even as a result of bad financial habits picked up over the years.One of the ways people try to balance not having enough money is to get a second job, only to be back where they started, with no…

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Budget, Grocery Shopping, Home, Money Smarts / September 25, 2016

Hustle and Budget, everyone needs a BUDGET!

You need a budget and working on your budget is a continuous journey, and don’t I know it.We live in a world of social media, were being a financial advocate is not new; Suzie Orman, Crown Financial, Focus on the Family, Clark Howard all people I listened to either on the radio or TV in the good years before the recession of 2008. Many of us due to that event, or as a passion project pursuit are now entrepreneurs in the financial literacy field creating and advocating awareness. We are doing what Susie Orman and others do and…

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Budget, Money Smarts / June 2, 2016

Grab Your Grocery and Household Coupons Here – 6/1/2016

Grab your Coupons here …Tide never smelt so cheap.More coupons here &nbsp…

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Budget, Grocery Shopping, Money Smarts, Teens and Moms / May 27, 2016

Pantry Must Have

 If you are watching what you spend your money on and are on a budget, you need these items in your pantry. It saves you from going to the store and that’s means more money in the bank account for you.1. Bread2. Butter3. Chocolate drink try Milo, Nesquick4. Powdered milkAll these items are in my pantry. It is the reason you won’t have to go to the store on Wednesday night once your pantry is raided by teenage boys and they all scream hunger.It is a tried and tested method by…

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Budget, Fashion and Beauty, Fashionably Beautify, Single Parent, Teens and Moms / June 21, 2016

Black on Yellow



I wore this to work and then transitioned for my son’s school literacy event that night, see below

Hairstyle: A nice bob style that transitions well from work time to playtime

Hairstylist: Antoine – Baltimore City

Necklace: Old piece bought, New York, New York

Blouse/Top: Yellow with white horizontal lines a Raglan cut  top by Loft (Goodwill Store)

Sweater: Black ribbed by

Pant: Black Editor Cut Pant (Express Store)

Shoe: Cole Haan Red Patent and White linen Shoe (6pm.com) see below for shoe







Did you know that Cole Haan offers a cobbler service? If you send them your old Cole Haan shoes

they will restore for it for a fee.

Did I hear (DIY) to do it yourself try using these shoe care items.





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