The Journey: I’m Preparing for Thursday’s Post

I really wanted to write this Thursday about poverty and it’s effect on young peoples dreams and visions.

While researching I realized that this topic is vast and does not stay on the poverty side of things alone; it carries along with it other issues that have been around for a long time; like inequality of power, of politics, of race, of gender, of money, of education, of governmental services and of the legal system.

Poverty starves you of hope, dreams, vision and it starves you of your ability to concentrate, did you know that research has shown that without food we can’t focus.

I want to write to teens in poverty about hope, encouraging them to see what their future looks like.

I want to write to mothers and fathers who parent alone and or  together but on the poverty line, and the ones working 2 and 3 jobs, the working poor and those who are tired when they get back home from their 9-5 job.

I want them to know that they can hope, that they can dream.

I want them to know it’s been done, that more people have come out on the other side of poverty with an education to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, astronauts, athletes, teachers, artist, musicians etc

I want them to know that education is the way out, it’s the Education, Poverty, Dreamswisdom that gets you noticed as a professional in whatever field your talent leads you.

Education is important because we must teach our young children the value it holds: that the only way to break poverty is by getting an education.

Who can encourage:

1. The teachers in the classroom.

2. This job of encouraging the financially disadvantaged does not belong to the teachers in our educational systems alone, but to the moms, daughters, fathers, brothers, grandparents and community at large to encourage those you see looking lost and are about to give up.

3. Share what you know with others if you have made it!

4. Volunteering in educational events that help under-privileged kids; where you can all the time, not just when you can.

Well now you know what I’m not working on for Thursday,  my topic this coming Thursday will be on – how having a job fulfills our basic need to begin and dream again, sometime in the future I will write about poverty and it’s effect on young peoples dreams and visions. ❤️