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August Newsletter


7 Ways – Balancing Summertime: Kids, Passion and Real-life

Hello moms,

How is summer working out for you so far? The excesses, the cost of summer camps and the drive to pick up and drop of kids if your ex is not helping with the daily/weeklyschedule. Add to that, that there is no structured schedule in the summer.

But as crazy as it sounds, this is when we in “singlemomdom” and our kids recuperate.

This is my first summer as a full-time side gig/hustler or simply put, mom with a side hustle that works a full-time job too! And so far summer break and my side gig are a contradiction. Summer days are filled with activities in the morning and evening and I haven’t been able to focus on much.  Kids bingeing on everything, noise, play, food and pizza (is pizza a form of food or does it have its own category? Yes, that’s called junk food. And bingeing on TV (thank you!!!! Hulu, Netflix and on-demand TV) and games (why did PokémonGO come out this summer) anyway if your kids played Pokemon hope you had fun helping them understand the rules and made some memories too.


I love writing and I write when my 7 year old goes to bed and this worked when the schools were in session, since the break I have not been able to switch that gear in my brain long enough for me to finish an article.

My full-time job is my blessing in disguise. Using my lunch break was for walks, clear my head or draft articles. That was before summer break, now my lunch time is just a time to get my sanity back before heading back home.

So, as we count down to school starting up again and God bless our teachers as they prep for the kids coming back to school, mom’s don’t mope around “pun intended here”.

Our summer time meals on the go!!!!!

Enjoy the last days before summer turns to fall, here are some cool things you can do with the remaining days of summer break with your kids.

  1. Enjoy the last days before the pool closes, most pools close by September 4th. Check with your pool association to find out their  schedule.
  2. Enjoy a walk at the park, go catch them all, #PokemoGo.
  3. Check out the library, there is still time to check out books and catch up on reading before school starts. Also you may still be able to sign up for the summer reading programs.
  4. I love the farmers market, most don’t close until late October, lets support local. Stop and shop at one of the local farmers market.
    My local farmer’s market, so much to discover


  5. My favorite summer treat has been to go get an ice cream with the family and then sit down to finish it not just buy it and walk or drive away, but sit down and be silly with my boys, give it a try too.

    Ice cream, a summer delight!
  6. Something new, anyone? How about introducing yourself and children to a neighbor with kids. How cool will that be? So Hola!!!! somebody.
  7.  Most of us don’t take advantage of our recreational centers, as single mom’s you can’t afford not to, there are lots of free activities for the family and you. And it may also be an opportunity to meet other single parents in your community.

GM, xoxoxo


Change Watch: Challenge yourself to write the memories from the experience down and revisit them next summer. What will you add, change or redo?



Religion, Unleafing Greenleaf / August 24, 2016

GREENLEAF – on OWN Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Drama – Suspense – Secrets – and Goody Two-Shoes

Will Grace preach at the Altar? Yes or No!!!!

Is he Gay? Yes or No!!!

Will he leave his Wife?

The mistress?

The Mayor is up to something?

Get in the know about GREENLEAF

I guess like everyone else who heard about the new show by Oprah, I  assumed it would be like her other shows, and I did not feel like watching it.

But the week after it came out it got bad reviews and good, a list of reviews on here and I felt justified.

As a result of the reviews, after I had missed the 1st episode I felt compelled to watch but could not make time, and by the second week I was more than intrigued to watch. I saw a clip running on a commercial break, and I was kinda like …the production does not look too bad, what in the world were they talking about I thought.

I remember last year I binge watched Empire over the holiday, the little I saw it reminded me of that same opulence but more humble in handing out the glitz and glamour. And more reserved for a family gathering, it felt like your regular crazy thanksgiving or reunion with family.

So I  watched three episode all at once and really liked it, as a church going woman and writer it was really interesting the dynamics at play in this show.

I’m thinking we should thank the reality shows that have come before GREENLEAF with Pastors for how real and connected this felt… you know Preacher’s of LA and other franchises since then.

I have noticed that TV shows with a religious tone to it are generally not taken well by the public or the christian population and the TV stations have to cancel them. She is different Oprah, with her being a brand all her OWN (pun intended), since it is with her network. I pray that it will run its course and stand the test of time unlike other shows that got cancelled earlier this year at ABC, network; wink wink …of Prophets and Kings in 2016 and in 2012 the GCB (Good Christian Bitches) it was not as horrible as the title of the show sounds.

I hope GREENLEAF does well, it promises to unravel a lot of suspicion and secrets that were laid out in episode one and two and that continues to unravel and I hope they will bring in more figures in the christian community to talk on issues that are untouchable in churches but relevant to the current social, economic, political and cultural times we live in.

Leave a comment, what do you think will happen tonight?


Religion, Unleafing Greenleaf / August 24, 2016

GREENLEAF – Meet the Cast and who they Play

Click to meet the cast of Oprah’s GREENLEAF

They Play —–

Merle Dandridge
Grace “Gigi” Greenleaf – the daughter that came back~ you know she is up to something.
1st Lady Greenleaf














Keith David

Senior Pastor Greenleaf

Tye White
Kevin Satterlee (son in-law)
Deborah Joy Winans
Charity Greenleaf-Satterlee (daughter)
Kim Hawthorne
Kerissa Greenleaf(daughter-in-law)
Lamman Rucker
Jacob Greenleaf (son)
Gregory Alan Williams
Robert ‘Mac’ McCready (deacon)
Ben Patterson
Noah Kendall(mystery man)
Oprah Winfrey
Mavis McCready(restaurant owner)

Desiree RossLovie Simone

Sophia Greenleaf   (grand daughter)    Zora Greenleaf (grand daughter)