Why I created She Loves Good Things


I believe that WOMEN have CRAZY-IDEAS that have died away or been buried, due to life changes that they need to REAWAKEN or START and START NOW.

I know for some of us standards of living can change without a moment’s notice, affecting our old way of life, she loves good things will help women and girls find inspiration to get their passion back. If you are like me and have to many stick around for, how I found my  one true passion.

Young girls get pregnant while in college and have to go it alone, marriages end in separation or divorce, people lose their job and some quit out of frustration, a spouse may pass away or be on assignment in another country for work.  When these change happens our life does not need to change drastically, as a separated and now divorced mom raising 3 boys, am here to let you know you can do this.

SLGT – I found my passion, join me on this blog on life and Style;  as I ” Live Styled, Save Money and Love Life”.  Stick around for fashion, interior decor, arts, community events, and celebrity fashion.

About me –

“Life changed for my family in 2008, and since then it has been an adventure. I have learnt to love the road I am on, and smell the roses while driving on it too.” ROFL !!!!! Gloria Adeyeye



Where I have been –

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, NY (lived till I was about 4 years old) grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. My love with fashion started when I found my mom’s old sewing machine buried in the back of her closet and my love of  books and writing because of my dad’s study room. My parents like most Nigerian parents refused to let me study Fashion at Yaba College of Technology.  Due to admissions craziness, I ended up studying Comparative Religion/minor Literature at University of Ilorin, Nigeria. In those days universities went on strike for months at a time. Whenever, Unilorin was on strike I would find something to do, I worked as a journeyman tailor (like an intern) for Mrs. Da’ Costa a designer in Lagos.  I also trained and received a certificate in fashion design at African Essential School of Arts and Fashion, Egbeda Lagos.  After college I married the love of my life and moved back to New York.

Fast forward years later, I’m parenting three amazing boys alone in the Baltimore-Washington corridor while working work full-time and now with this blog, as my side gig. How did I make it this far parenting alone?  I will share the books, phrases, bible verses and inspirational quotes that have inspired me, and have helped me on this journey.

September of 2015, began my search for my one true passion and this blog is my path to finding it. In the process, I have worked a couple of side gigs and found most not practical for a parent raising responsible children alone.  I  have also said yes to more things and people in 2015 than I have ever done before. The idea of working from home to have more time with my kids has captivated me since the year started. Quite unintentionally, I ended up staying home with my kids for spring break (the first time – Yeah!!!!) one week of being – mommy work from home and I loved it.  Yes, a single parent family mom can work from home.  My take away, from this experience is that staying home has made me more enthusiastic about blogging.


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