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Healthy Tips on How to Raise Boys


Healthy Tips, Raising Boys, Single Parenting
Healthy Tips on How to Raise Boys



To mom of boys, it is an open secret that boys can make you lose your temper because they are usually very active, physical and aggressive. As a mom of  3 boys ranging from 15 to 7 years old the tips below bounces between the ages of my various children.

As long as they play safe and your child remains unharmed, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Do stock up on detergents and a reliable washing machine and as the dirt goes off, the memory of play last for years.

Check his aggression level: Does he climb on every piece of furniture, breaks stuff he comes in contact with or is he so focused on playing rough?

Do not match his aggression for aggression? This is not to say that, you are to drop spanking. A spanking or scolding is necessary, but do not make the mistake of using it as the only method to discipline his aggressive tendencies. You will only end up hardening his heart such that he will be more aggressive.

Acknowledge your child: Praising a kid when he exhibits model behavior and takes care of his toys is a good way to reduce aggression. This helps them, be mannered and cultured.



One of the most important things a parent can do is turn their son into a gentleman. We women love and appreciate a good one.

Here are some gentlemanly traits your son should have;

  1. Teach boys to have a respectful attitude towards others, always.
  2. Teach boys to offer little gestures of respect and courtesy towards women, such as opening doors and pulling out chairs.
  3. Teach your boys responsibility! They should have the courage to accept responsibility for their actions whether good or bad.
  4. Teach them to value women and not to treat women as object just like media portrays women and as some “Women” like the Kardashians portray us.
  5. Teach them not to hit or hurt a girl, but rather use their strength to protect them.
  6. Teach your boys financial discipline, developing ways to spend wisely. There is a fine line between spoiled and financial discipline.

Parenting boys is not hard; but sometimes it is.


GM, xoxoxo


Change Watch: Praise your son when he exhibits model behaviour and takes care of his toys, rooms or helps to clean up the house this helps him be less aggressive.


Revised from 2016 


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