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How To Create Your Vision Board When You Begin To Dream Again

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Taking Flight Again


A vision is one of the best ways I know to help you start working on your goals, desires and vision as you begin to dream again.

The secret of most visionaries is not that they did the work themselves, but rather that they had people who believed in them join their vision.

It takes a “team” to bring a “vision” to life; a vision is created alone but needs a team to take it further.

Take the United States of America: without a dream and a “vision” the United States wouldn’t have been created, if all the founders, including Alexander Hamilton had not worked together as a “team” on their dream we would not be here today.

The challenge of vision is that: it’s handwork. Just like the United States some days are okay, there is smooth sailing and all systems are go, on other days we may need tweaking and a realigning of our vision as a country.

As people sometimes we may need tweaking when we miss it too, just don’t forget that in light of where we started from and what we’ve actualized we’ve probably come a long way.

I love what a vision can do to others once the desire is stirred up in us; we dream dreams, set goals and go about accomplishing them. How can we them remind ourselves of the things we now dream about if we have it tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

Vision boards are visual, aesthetic and a great way to jump-start new desires, plans and get started on old dreams.

Vision Board

To create your own vision board  use the steps below:

Supplies you will need to buy to create a vision board:

• Adhesives: double-sided tape, glue; spray glue, glue  stick, liquid glue.
• Poster board.
• Scissors.
• Notepad/ journal/my dream again planner.
• Magazines.
• Pen.



• Colored pen or crayon.
• Other arts and crafts materials.
• Paper cutting board.


Steps to create your vision board:

Step 1- Write your visions, dreams and desires down on paper, the ones that came to mind when you realized you wanted to dream again. Write it all down, everything you have not been able to do and want to achieve, write down as many as three (3) to as many as thirty (30).

Step 2- Of those visions, dreams and desires you wrote down pull out ten (10) and write on a sheet of paper. The ten must matter, not only to other people, places and causes but to your own soul  and life.

Step 3- Next, cut pieces of pictures out from the magazine that fit the vision and goals listed in 2 above, and then place them on your poster board without gluing them, you will be moving them around to find the best layout later.

Step 4- By the time you are done “Your Vision Board” should have your (ten) 10 items visually displayed on it.


 Keep working on your vision, dreams, and goal every day!

Change Watch: Do this –  Hang your new vision board in an area of your home or office were you can see it daily and  keep doing little things daily to help you move towards your dream.

Share this with others who need to create a vision board; or email it to someone you know it will inspire, thank you for sharing.

Interested in a free vision-board our #100freevisionboard, an opportunity to create your personal vision board email:Teafor2andacrowd@gmail.com.



Sincerely in Joy,

Gloria Adeyeye


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